Natural Convergence Funding News

Very nice to hear yesterday that Natural Convergence just scored $10 million in funding, which is quite a lot for a Canadian startup.

Ottawa-based Natural Convergence is a Terry Matthews company, who just had a very successful exit in Convedia. There are many other well-known IP companies under his umbrella, including Mitel, Ubiquity, Newport Networks and NewHeights (who I recently did a podcast with).

Like these other companies, Natural Convergence has maintained a clear market focus, in this case, offering a hosted IP communications platform for service providers targeting the 40 line and under business market. One doesn't have to look far to see that SMB VoIP is hot these days, and Natural Convergence is well postioned to serve this market. There really are just a handful of players addressing this space in Canada, and their investors obviously have faith in their vision. So, congrats to David Cork and his team, and may you spend your money wisely! Maybe, just maybe this good vibe will rub off a bit on the Senators now...

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