Fierce 15 Winners - Some Familiar Faces

I've been a regular reader of Fierce Markets for some time, and just got their Fierce 15 2006 winners list. Am not familiar with how they select these top VoIP companies, but I give credit to anyone who makes the effort to try. There are so many companies in this space now, and a lot are good ones, and there's a lot more that hardly anyone hears about who are also good. And of course VoIP is in the fabric of so many things now, the space is just so broad with lots of grey areas for defining what's VoIP and what isn't.

Enough rambling. Here's the link to the full writeup, where you can read a bit more about each company. It just came out this morning.

All I wanted to say was how nice it was to see so many familiar companies on the list, namely NexTone, FirstHand, Iotum, Ingate, SIPPhone, SunRocket, Jajah, Grand Central, Airvana, Empirix and Nominum.

And of course, it's great to see two Canadian companies - Iotum and FirstHand - neither of which are strangers to my blog.

I'd also like to extend kudos to Fierce Markets Editor, Dan Rosenbaum for drawing attention to so many companies focused on Voice 2.0 applications, especially those catering on the mobile market. These are the kind of companies I expect we'll be hearing a lot about in 2007.

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