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If you read my blog regularly, you know I really love music, and this lyric comes to mind for this post. I'll just stick to the vocalized version, but you can be sure I've got John Coltrane's epic version going on in my head. It doesn't get any better than that, but that's another conversation...

With the World Series thankfully resuming tonight (and can you believe there are NO New York teams in it???), there was a really great and timely feature in today's Globe & Mail about Next to Google, this is the best Web 2.0 platform ever created, and I don't think anybody ever thought it would be so successful and profitable.

Grant Robertson does a great job telling the story in today's paper, and it's a solid read that brings two of my favorite things together - baseball and the Internet. One of the points that really sticks with me in the article is the fact that while baseball is the most traditional of all major league sports (Pro Sports 1.0 at best), they have written the book Pro Sports 2.0, and are miles ahead of all the other sports in terms of embracing the Internet.

To me, that's a HUGE takeaway, and validation that any business in any industry has an opportunity to do the same. So, when you hear about the Big 3 auto makers getting buried again by their Asian competitors, don't tell me there isn't a way for them to use the Net to somehow - someway connect with car buyers in a Web 2.0 way that really grabs them, and redefines their relationship with the customer. The possibilities are endless, and I have no doubt they're on the case, as I'm sure others are in other industries.

All I'm trying to say is that if MLB can do it, pretty much anybody can. After all, in baseball parlance, we're only in the first inning of the game, and it's a l-o-n-g season.

Go Tigers!

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