Sylantro Customer Summit event

This is part 2 of my mid-October road trip. Fresh off the TMC ITExpo, I'm at the Sylantro Customer Summit right now in Las Vegas, and will be hosting a session this afternoon. I've only been here for the morning so far, but from what I'm seeing, this event is first rate all the way.

The WiFi access is great, and I've got a nice spot to sit and get a quick posting together. So, here are some photos from this morning's sessions, as usual, from my Nokia N90.

Quick sidebar - while I'm here, my son, Max gets to play with the N93, which replaces the N90. Can't wait to hear what he has to say when I get back, and we'll be posting about it soon. And then it will be my turn to use the N93.

San Diego was really great last week, but the Venetian Hotel is another world altogether....


Pete Bonee kicks things off - great overview of Sylantro's business focus and where things are going. I especially liked hearing about the mobile-PBX integration that's coming in the next release, along with their very strong IMS story and Web 2.0 applications.


Michel Burger of Microsoft - gave a thought-provoking presentation about Web 2.0 mashups, and talked about how Microsoft and Sylantro are doing their version of this today on their EVS platform, of which Sylantro is their sole feature server partner.


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