More Mainstream Cred for Bloggers

GREAT article in today's Ottawa Citizen, and the title says it all - Blogging for Dollar$. It's a great example about how blogging is getting attention from the mainstream media.

Nothing revelatory in the article, but one of our own, Iotum CEO, Alec Saunders was a key feature of the story, so hats off to Alec! The article does a nice job explaining how Alec shifted his blogging focus from personal matters - mostly politics - to business, esp VoIP, and he's gained enough profile to generate a nice base of advertising revenue from his traffic. Since the article is focused on the business potential for blogging, Alec's example shows how blogging can pay.

Personally, I'm not an advocate of commercializing blogs, but I'm very much swimming upstream on this one. It's definitely a good idea to make money off your blogging efforts, but I have a concern it will attract too many people to blogging for all the wrong reasons. It's a mixed bag for sure, since there should be a way to reward the really good bloggers, as well as create mechanisms where people are readily able to find the best blogs amidst the endlessly multiplying stream of lesser blogs that we all have to wade through.

On that note, the article notes how Alec is in the top 10 of VoIP blogs based on Technorati rankings, and I think that's great. He's definitely a must-read in the VoIP space, and if Alec isn't on your VoIP/IP blog roll, he should be.

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