Mark Evans Moves On - Congrats!

I'm way late on this one, but wanted to post just to be on the record to publicly congratulate Mark.

By now, anyone following IP/telecom bloggers - especially Canada - knows that Mark Evans has left the National Post for B5 Media, an up and coming Toronto startup that's trying to monetize the blogging space. I got the news the way most people did late Thursday via a heads-up email from Mark, but I've been so buried with last minute deadlines before my travels, I'm way late on the news.

In short, this is Mark's second stint with a startup, and it sounds like a really exciting move. Now, the Post has lost both its key tech/telecom writers in Mark and Kevin Restivo, although they're continuing to podcast together. It will be interesting to see how they fill those holes.

So, I just want to pass on my warm congrats to Mark, and I'm sure he's very excited to put all his great know-how to work with a local company that has a lot of promise. I've been following B5 for a while and with their recent funding, things become much more real, and it's great to see a Toronto-based company making this kind of noise.

There are lots of details about everything I'm touching on here on Mark's blog, as well as B5's website (and elsewhere - just follow the threads). I urge you to start there if want to get the full story about how all these good things are coming together now for both B5 and Mark.

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