Unified Communications - Ken Camp's New Initiative

My path doesn't cross enough with Ken Camp, but he's got a lot of great things going on, which is why he's on my core blog roll. Just a heads-up to say Ken has re-positioned things here, and his new site, Unified Communications is the successor to Realtime VoIP, which came out last year. So, for those who follow Ken please take note of this, and update your blog rolls.

Also, have a visit to the new website when you can. There was a terrific posting yesterday about all the attention the likes of Jajah and Rebtel are getting, and how this fits into the Voice 2.0 vision Ken is evangelizing via his broader focused unified communications umbrella.

Sidebar - I've not met Ken, and am looking forward to doing so next month when I come out his way at TMC's ITExpo in San Diego.

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