SightSpeed Scoring High Marks

I've been following SightSpeed for a while now, and think they've got a great offering - not just for video calling - but for voice, just like Skype. They're a client of Andy Abramson, who has a great knack for attracting leading edge and emerging technologies.

I just wanted to note some great validation in the current issue of PC Magazine. It's not posted online yet, but SightSpeed comes out rated very highly in Davis Janowski's article titled "Free Video Calls", and their lab testing concluded by saying "SightSpeed rules".

When you hear this coming from the venerable likes of PC Magazine, you know that video calling has arrived, and SightSpeed is setting the pace. Those of us who have been following SightSpeed know this already, and it's great to see the mainstream media picking up on this as well.

That said, there's a worrisome development happening in a most unlikely place. San Jose State University is proposing to block Skype from use on campus. With parent eBay right around the corner, one has to wonder what's behind this, but the bigger concern is that if they block Skype, why not block Google, Yahoo, etc.? And if you block VoIM services, why not block video while you're at it?

This wouldn't be welcome news for the likes of SightSpeed, so with this latest validation coming for them - and video calling in general - San Jose State's proclamation seems like a giant step backwards. If anything video calling would be even more valuable on campus than voice. Think of the applications for e-learning and distance learning, the latter being a great source of new revenue if done right. Something just seems wrong with this picture (pardon the bad pun), so stay tuned as things develop.

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