Cody' Digital Revolution Newsletter

I've known Cody Willard for some time, and I wanted to let people know that he's just launched his own investor newsletter. Cody runs a successful hedge fund and is a well-known, outspoken writer/market commentator.

In his inaugural issue, Cody talks about why he thinks 5 companies are well positioned to be big winners in the "Digital Revolution" - NewsCorp, Citrix, Google, Apple and Microsoft. Citrix may be a bit of a surprise here, but Cody has his reasons. Cody writes well, and even for mainstream stocks like Microsoft and Apple, he makes a good case as to why they are poised to do well.

To see more about the newsletter, here's the link. Also, if you'd like to see the first issue in its entirety, drop me a line and I can send a pdf version to you.

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