Vacation Photos - Nokia N90 and N91

Just wanted to share a few vacation photos from our Great White North road trip, along with some brief comments. I used the Nokia N90, Max used the N91, and we both used the family Sony Cybershot. Can you tell the difference?

An unplanned visit - just had to pay homage to Bobby Orr in Parry Sound - view from the front, and looking out the back...


Once you get out of Toronto and into the Near North, you see a lot of rocks. Not too many phones booths though - remember these?

northern ontario and old pics 034.jpg01082006(013).jpg

Manitoulin Island - the largest freshwater island in the world. The plaque may be hard to read, but it tells the story of this historic mill that was totally repurposed over the years as times changed. It went from being a pulp mill to a hydro station, and now it houses artist's wares among other things. Made me think about the PSTN a bit, wondering how it may be repurposed once things become end-to-end IP. That's a ways off, but like the building in this picture, the structure is pretty solid and can still be used for other things.

northern ontario and old pics 060.jpgnorthern ontario and old pics 061.jpg

Dynamic Earth attraction in Sudbury. Went on an underground tour to see how mining has evolved over the years. First photo - a video camera to monitor activity. Just above the camera is a yellow wire running horizontally. That carries the radio wires so the walkie talkies will work. The tour guide said that cell phones will work well in the mines, but neither Max nor I got a signal. Still, a pretty challenging environment for communications, and it's easy to see how valuable wireless can be there. Next photo - Canada's only underground mail box.

northern ontario and old pics 014.jpg

northern ontario and old pics 013.jpg

The Big Nickel, also at Dynamic Earth. It's certainly the largest nickel in the world, but I have it on good word that it's actually made of tin! One photo is with the N91 and one is with the Sony. Any guesses?

northern ontario and old pics 160.jpgImage135.jpg

Sauble Beach - late afternoon, and a spectacular sunset


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