Nokia's Blogger Program Getting Kudos

Back from vacation now, and there were some pretty good stories last week, but from what I can see, they've been well covered, and there's nothing to add for now.

I did, however, want to pick up on one item that I have a small connection to. On Saturday, the Washington Post ran a story that had high praise for how the blogger community is being used to help market products. A key focus was on the blog-based marketing program created for Nokia by uberblogger and colleague Andy Abramson, and his agency, Communicano.

The article talked about how a micro-community of 50 bloggers were used to evaluate Nokia's sleek N-Series phones, which I am a part of. I have been commenting about the N90 phone on my blog for some time, and my son has just started using the N91, and we've got some blog posts coming about that. I think this form of Internet-based marketing is very creative and totally valid - which is basically the gist of the story in the Post.

It's really great to see Andy's program get such mainstream coverage and validation, and no doubt Nokia is a happy client. And speaking of Andy, now that I'm back online, I'd just like to pass on best wishes for his birthday!

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