Vonage - New Twist on Patent Litigation - Part 1

This is a 3 part post about a story I hope you'll enjoy.

Part 1 is the basic story itself, which came out this morning.

Part 2 is a guest blog posting from my son, Max, about a related story that ties in nicely to today's Vonage story.

Part 3 is a link to my appearance this afternoon on ROB TV talking about the Vonage story.

Ok, so here's Part 1. It's pretty short.

Today, there was news of Vonage acquiring Digital Packet Licensing Inc. The story was not widely followed and I saw very little coverage on it until late today. I talked about it earlier today with a few people, and appeared on ROB TV this afternoon to comment on it (see Part 3 for the link).

Basically, Vonage seems to have pulled an interesting defensive move by acquiring a company who has been suing Verizon (and Sprint) over the same patent infringement issues Verizon is going after Vonage about. How about that?

So, in effect, Vonage is counter-suing Verizon since they now own the company that is suing Verizon. I'm not a patent expert, but it could be a smart bargaining chip to make this thing go away, especially with more suits coming. In fact, another suit came forward today from Klausner Technologies about a voicemail patent infringement. It's not easy being Vonage....

If you want to continue the thread, I invite you continue to Part 2...

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