CallVantage Price Cut - The Other Shoe Drops on Vonage

Have been wanting to get around to this one, but it's been a very full week in advance of a vacation next week.

So, AT&T CallVantage finally dropped their price by $5 this week, and now, the other shoe, figuratively, has dropped on Vonage. Verizon started it recently, and now AT&T has followed suit to keep pace.

A few weeks back, I commented about this, wondering if/when AT&T would match Verizon's price cut to put even more pressure on Vonage. At least AT&T has had the goodness to let some time pass, while Verizon has gone after Vonage first with a price cut, and then the lawsuits!

It's not easy being a VoIP provider, at for the pureplays...

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