Bloggers Carry Weight - SightSpeed Thinks So

I don't have an efficient way to track my media citings, and I know I don't catch them all. Google Alert is one way I do this - it may not find everything, but it often turns up things I would never come across otherwise.

One of these turned up today, and is worth noting here on my blog. SightSpeed is a vendor I have blogged about - this week in fact - and the company has picked up on this. That's nice of them to notice, but more importantly is how they are citing blog postings as part of their media coverage.

So, when you go to their website, in the Press section, there are tabs for Press Releases, Industry Awards, and Blog Highlights. You gotta like that! Once there, you can scroll through recent blog postings from all kinds of people, and they were nice enough include my post as well. Thanks!

I'm sure other websites are doing this too, and it's another validation that blogs are being taken more seriously, and are seen as credible sources, even though they tend to be more opinion-based than fact-based. I take that as good news for bloggers, and kudos to SightSpeed for viewing blogs on this level. Hopefully more companies will do the same - just like Web 2.0, the Internet is going bring about Marketing 2.0, where blogs are very much part the mix.

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