White Sox/Tigers Highlights

On the last night of Globalcomm (Wednesday), my good friend Kevin Petschow, who's with Cisco, took me out to the ballgame. He's a long time CWS supporter, and I didn't mind cheering for those other Sox for a change. Turned out to be a good move, based on how vocal the fans around us were! As it turned out, the Sox won a close game, 4-3. And my Sox were rained out with the Yankees, so I wasn't distracted watching the scoreboard.

This is my last post related to Globalcomm. Again, the photos and video are from my Nokia N90. Not so great for wide angle pix, but the best of the bunch are here. Video is always tricky with live sports, since you never know when a big play will happen. Of course I missed the home runs, as well as Bobby Jenks making short work in the 9th to notch the save, but the clip I did get was fun. Check it out - the link is at the bottom of this post. I managed to catch what unfolded leading up to the winning run being scored, but the real fun is watching the fans razz the Tiger left fielder who misplayed the ball right in front of us. Yeowww. Enjoy!

Take me out the ball game.......


Kevin in his home whites; and me, in my....well, at least I've got my Red Sox cap


Picture perfect night for a game. See the pinwheels on top of the giant scoreboard - fireworks come out when the Sox homer or win.


Our view - twilight before the game, then during the game. Everyone loves a winner - the Sox draw real well these days. No longer the poor South Side cousins to those uppity Cubs.


Jim Leyland says "we're gonna win tonite".
Mr. Contreras, warming up right by our seats, is thinking the same thing. He turns out to be right, upping his record to 6-0. He's won 14 straight decisions, so it's hard to argue with the hot hand. Cy Young material? Maybe. I'll stick with my iron horse, Schilling for that call. He subdued the Yankees last night, and is 9-2 now - tops for wins in the AL.


The Sox finally got some championship banners to show off. Take that Cubbies - this is our town now! 1908? That's so last century, and no signs of changing history anytime soon. Such passionate fans - oh my, this is something you'd never see in Toronto...


Finally, here's the video clip I was describing earlier. It starts slow - not much happening, and then a hit. The left fielder Gomez boots it, allowing a runner to score, which turns out to be the game-winner. Towards the end of the clip, the chants of "GO-MEZ" get louder and louder. Tough crowd - poor guy.

If there's any consolation, the Tigers won the next game and are still in first place. If the season ended today, the White Sox would just barely edge out my Red Sox for the wildcard. However, we have a long way to go, and both the Tigers and Yankees will fade. The White Sox don't quite have the mojo this year, but enough to take the division, and if the Red Sox pitching holds up, this could finally be the year they finish ahead of NY. Now, if the Sox - Red and White - meet again in the postseason... I'm not going there yet - way too early to suss that one out.

Quick coda - if you're a White Sox fan, you may want to poke around on the YouTube site where my clips are stored. On the page that hosts my clip, you'll find tons of other user-generated clips by White Sox fans. Have fun...

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