Ottawa Tech Community Shines

Nice article in today's Globe & Mail, drawing some well-deserved attention to the strength of Ottawa as a high tech hub. No quibble there, although I wish they would have drawn attention to some of the bright lights in the IP communications space.

The timing of the article was actually quite good considering that tonight, the CATA Alliance (Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance) will be announcing its Innovation Awards winners. There was no mention of this in the article, which is too bad - a missed opportunity in my view. I think that would have made for a stronger story, but you can't please everybody.

I won't be there, but I have it on good authority that one of the companies in my Ottawa IP communications honor roll below will have a good night tonight. Film at 11.

I don't have time to paste in the links right now, but here are some of the key IP-based companies in the Ottawa area to keep an eye on. Just let me know if you can't find anybody you're looking for.

Here we go - in no particular order.... Mitel, Natural Convergence, New Heights, Versatel Networks, Iotum, First Hand (formerly SIPquest), Tvidia, Atreus, Newport Networks, Espial Software, Bel Air Networks, Ubiquity - did I miss anybody???

Anyone care to guess who gets a goodie tonight???