Globalcomm Podcast - w/Carl Ford

Last week's podcast was done from the floor at Globalcomm with Carl Ford. Didn't talk much about Canada, though. We shared our impressions of the show and talked about Carl's current topic of interest - feature interaction. Last week, Carl had a guest post on Jeff's blog about this topic, and he raises some valid concerns about why features can't migrate from handset to handset when a call is passed off from one device to another. Carl's view is that endpoints are intelligent enough now to handle this, and if features are IP-based, it should be easy to port them along with the call. There's a revenue opportunity there for carriers, but it doesn't look like they're ready for this yet - and Carl will tell you why!

You can listen to the podcast here.

Am back to my regular Canadian schedule now, and today my guest was Bill Tam of EQO Communications. Pretty interesting chat about presence and mobility, esp for apps like Skype. Look for it here in the next day or so.