Attention Canadian Startups - Casting Call to Raise $$$


If you're a fan of reality TV, you'll love this. Sean Wise provides all kinds of help for Canadian tech startups, and has built up a thriving practice around this. For reference, I've posted about Sean before.

We're in regular contact these days, and he just told me about a new business reality show called Dragon's Den. Lucky Sean - he's just landed a spot on the panel of experts who get to play Donald Trump and evaluate the pitches of these startups. Not only that, but the panelists can put their money on the table if they see something they like, announcing how much they're in for.

So, think of this as a cross between American/Canadian Idol, Deal/No Deal, and a touch of Texas Hold'em poker. I don't know who comes up with these reality show concepts, but you have to love it, since real money is in play here for aspiring entrepreneurs who can tell a good story (and of course have the chops to deliver).

The show debuts on CBC TV across Canada in October (and is based on a BBC show), but casting calls are NOW. For any startups in Toronto, auditions are this Saturday. Dates are set for other cities as well - it's all on the website.

Check out Sean's new blog, where he chronicles his involvement with the show, and how he's just landed a spot on the expert panel. Is that fun, or what? If you ever call in sick, Sean, I'm there!

On that note, I'd like to officially welcome Sean to the blogosphere. I've added his blog to my blog roll for future reference.

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