Loose Ends - Iotum, Skype, Vonage, Wikis and Eagles

Been besieged with a nasty cold the past few days, so my blogging has been limited. I feel especially badly for not weighing in on the Iotum/PhoneGnome news, which is pretty exciting.

It's been covered very well by now, mainly via Andy Abramson, and Jeff Pulver, who, this morning cited a number of other posts about the news.

That aside, I wanted to reference two things quickly.

First, a posting from Alec Saunders about something I wanted to post about, but was just too under the weather. On Monday, one of our national dailies, the Globe & Mail ran - as its lead editorial item - a piece about Wikis, and how they're gaining legitmacy as a way to gather and publish credible information. It's very much the antithesis of traditional journalism, and it was quite interesting to see the paper give such prominence to the idea. Was glad to see something so Web 2.0 get attention on the editorial pages, and hope to see them do more of the same.

Second - just wanted to quickly revisit my posting last week about the eagle web cam site. This thing continues to explode - the web site now claims they're up to 10 million hits a day as excitement builds about the imminent hatching of the eggs. Here's some additional press coverage about it. Not sure what happens when the eggs hatch, but this gives us a whole new take about what reality television can be.

While I haven't been up to doing much blogging, I did manage to speak with the media and get cited about a few things...

BusinessWeek, about Skype 2.5, which ran this morning.

New Telephony about Vonage's IPO plans,which also ran today.

Canadian Business magazine for an upcoming feature on IPTV, and the Globe & Mail about wireless (for later this week).

Am also speaking with Telemanagement magazine first thing tomorrow about Iotum.