VON Canada - Walking the Floor and Podcasting

I mentioned in yesterday's post about the podcast I did with Ronald Gruia during the show on Tuesday. It's posted now on the Pulvermedia Podcasting Network web page, and you can listen to it here. Ron and I had some fun with this, podcasting on the fly on my cell phone as we walked the floor and shared our impressions of the show.

Next week I'll return to my regular podcasting format in my ongoing Canadian IP Thought Leaders series. One great thing about VON Canada this year was how it attracted a pretty broad spectrum of people who are new to the VON community. I've got a whole new batch now of people I want to podcast with, and in time, I hope to get to them all.

Later today I'll post my written impressions as a wrapup. Others have done the same already, and you can check them out via Jeff Pulver's posting this morning.