VON Canada - Day 1

It's been a full day at VON Canada here in Toronto, with the highlights for me being Alec Saunders's presentation (filling in admirably where Niklas Zennstrom was scheduled to speak), the Skype developer's panel, and the blogger panel at the end of the day.

Right now, time only allows for me to post some photos and a video clip off my Nokia N90. Hope to add some narrative tomorrow...

Mark Evans, Dror Bukai:


Alec Saunders, Ronald Gruia/IMS General Session:


Sue/Ally (VON's PR dynamic duo), Blogger's panel:


Jim Courtney, demonstrating the magic of Slingbox. My world stopped at 2pm when Jim told me we could watch the Red Sox season opener on his PC via his Slingbox home setup. Boy, it was hard to walk away from this. Second photo is a closeup capturing Coco Crisp's very first regular season at bat for the Sox (he struck out - but the Sox won 7-3!). Pretty good picture quality - this stuff works.


I had enough memory to do one video clip today. It was the first few minutes of Alec Saunders's keynote this morning. He did a great job, and the clip will give a good flavor of his message. Alec mentioned that the full slide set can be downloaded off their website, but I don't see it up there quite yet. You can watch the video clip here.