Save the Internet - and Win Fabulous Prizes!

Sounds corny, but it's true!

Jeff Pulver is driving another initiative to convince regulators and policymakers that keeping the Internet open and free is in the best interests of consumers. If not, the RBOCs and MSOs will carry the day, which will ultimately lead to a corporate controlled Internet and throw a damper on the kind of innovation that has made the Internet what is today. That's downright scary stuff.

This message may be preaching to the converted, but the appeal from Jeff and Jonathan Askin is to put our creative minds and spirits together to come up with some compelling messaging that Washington will pay attention to. That's where the fabulous prizes come in.

The best way to learn more, or even better - get involved - is to review Jeff's posting from earlier today. All the details are there.

And for all the bloggers out there - think of this as a chain letter. The more viral the message, the better. Please spread the word.