How to Attract a VC, Eh

Well, these days, that doesn't seem hard to do. Getting funding is another story of course. I keep coming back to Iotum, but, hey, these guys continue to get noticed in all the right places. Now all they have to do is get funding and some big name customers - don't we all?

Alec Saunders, Iotum's CEO, has a great post about their pressure cooker appearance in Boston on Friday at a Price Waterhouse Coopers event called Canadian Exposure. Iotum was one of the companies on a panel I moderated last week at VON Canada. Entitled "Success Canadian Style", Iotum talked about the steps they've taken along the way, and based on Alec's posting, it's clear they are continuing down the right path.

I'm also living vicariously a bit through this, as Alec talks about how PWC took them to the Bruins game that night, against the Toronto Maple Leafs. I'm a diehard Bruins fan, and watched the game here in Toronto with my older son (while playing Monopoly - the "Original 6" edition, of course). It was actually a very good game, and the Bs finally won a shootout, so I was a happy guy. But Max cleaned me out in Monopoly - that's another story. Alec wasn't too happy either, as his beloved Sens went down to the Habs that night.

Moral of the story - at least in the Northeast - you don't have to be a hockey fan to get in with the VC crowd, but it doesn't hurt!