Getting Your Blog Out There

Wanted to share a terrific post from colleague Alec Saunders today about getting the most out of your blog. Alec is a tech savant of the first order, so these things come easier to him than the rest of us. However, one reason why Alec's blog is well read is his ability to communicate his applied knowledge and experience in a way we can all understand.

So, if you're interested in getting more mileage out of your blog, it's a great read. I'll certainly be taking some of these ideas to heart. Based on all the comments he's been getting, I can see that others are too.

A lot of what Alec is passing on are simply good principals of journalism, with a bit of marketing and web savvy thrown in. Couldn't agree more about the need for catchy headlines, writing regularly, and replying to comments. Alec underscores a key point that can make a blog truly valuable to a broader community - open dialog. Big diff between a diary and a dialog, right? Diaries are too personal and self-centered to be much use in the blogosphere, but a dialog is really what the essence of the Internet is all about.

And sure, build that blog roll and link to other blogs, and comment about other blog posts. All fairly easy things to do, but they all work, for sure. I've got a ways to go myself on these things, and Alec has done a great job of putting some collected wisdom into one place, and getting it out there for all to use. So, spread the word, and put these ideas to work!