Brightspark's Blog Getting Noticed

I try to post daily, but it was a slow news day yesterday, and didn't really see anything worth posting about. I know thou shalt blog daily is a cardinal rule for fame and fortune in this arena, but there are just some days when it's not happening. Could have posted about the Red Sox game, but I'm saving that for this weekend when the Sox come to town to play the Jays. Should be a great series, even at this early stage of the season.

Last week's podcast was with Salim Teja of Brightspark, and I noted in the post that they just launched a blog - which I think is great.

I was very pleased to see both Mark Evans and Alec Saunders take note of the same on their blogs today.

It's good to note these things as I think we're going to see more companies using blogs to demonstrate thought leadership and build their brand. I've noted earlier how NexTone has a blog on their site, and they're the only vendor I know who's doing this so far. Am sure others have picked up on this by now, but I haven't been noticing.

Mark also notes that a few other VCs have done so - but this appears to be a first among Canadian VCs. So, again, hats off to Brightspark for going down this road, and helping keep Canada on the map!