Blogging Gaining Respectability

I was quoted today in a press release from MetaSwitch, one of the stronger nextgen vendors who I've been following for some time.

The story is about how they've partnered with Dash 911 to make it easier for their carrier customers to comply with E911. It's a good story, but the real reason why I'm posting is how I've been referenced in the press release.

I'm usually referred to as being a "VoIP analyst" or "telecom consultant" - that sort of thing. Which is the case here as well. In addition, however, I'm first referred to as a "VoIP blogger".

I haven't seen that before, but I kinda like it. It tells me that blogs are gaining credibility and are starting to be seen as a validator for the person behind it. Hats off to MetaSwitch and their PR firm, Eastwick Communications for thinking this way. I suspect we'll start to see this become more commonplace as blog become more widely followed. Works for me!