Video in VON's Future - Part 1 - Slingbox

As noted here and elsewhere, Jeff Pulver has embraced video big time, and he was a walking billboard for the Slingbox at VON last week. You don't to look far to pick up on this thread, but I just wanted to add that with a little bit of effort, VON attendees - myself included - were able to get their own Slingbox for free. If you ask me, it's a great bit of marketing savvy by Slingmedia, to get these very popular boxes in the hands of an early adopter audience.

That said, I'm not the ideal customer, as I rarely watch TV, and Slingbox isn't about to change my life. I'm an anomoly in this case, but I can certainly see the cool factor here. It's not the only game in town, but Slingbox sure is on a roll, and reflects the essence of how IP is quickly imprinting itself on the broadcast world.

I didn't realize that Slingbox wasn't available yet in Canada, and as Mark Evans notes, that will change on March 30. So, for another week I'll be a step ahead of the game, for what it's worth.