Spring VON - Video Clips

The buzz from VON is still carrying over into this week, and I'm almost done! I've got 2 video clips to share, courtesy of my Nokia N90. Depending on your broadband connection, the clips can be chopppy, but they were quite smooth this morning. If that happens, just give them some time to load before viewing.

Got 2 clips for you - a portion of Iotum's demonstration during the Hot Apps session, and a few minutes from Jeff Pulver's opening keynote.

The Iotum clip is about 3 minutes, and Jeff's is about 5 minutes. Just sharing these to provide some of the flavor of the show. Of course, to get the full story, you have to come yourself, and hopefully, that's what will happen next VON!

Howard Thaw, Iotum - Hot Apps Session

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Jeff Pulver - excerpt from his keynote
Click to view clip