Spring VON - Final, Final Thoughts!

Have you ever seen a show with so much after-buzz? Sure tells you the kind of impression it's having in the IP communications space. I know lots is happening this week with TelecomNext, but a lot of us are still digesting VON.

On that note, Jeff Pulver had a nice recap of the show on his blog today, and he was nice enough to cite mein his list of bloggers who followed the show. He also noted Tim McElligot's review of his keynote in Telephony Magazine, and Tim was also nice enough to cite me in the article. Thanks guys!

I'm just about done with my Spring VON postings - this will be short. It's been a real go-go-go day, and I've got a backlog of postings to do later tonight, including some real interesting ones on video, which builds on Jeff's current embrace of the new "V" word.

So, here's a quick one. During the show, I did a podcast from the floor with Laura Nembach and Mike McClenathan of the Pulvermedia Podcasting Network. So, click here to listen in to our impressions of the show to that point.

With that podcast, I can now say I've covered the show in all forms of media. Aside from the podcast and getting some press coverage, I've posted some video, some photos, and plain old text blog content. We're covered!