Skype/RICO Allegations - the plot thickens....

As Jeff Pulver notes this morning, the ripple effect is starting to happen on this story.

In short, a company named StreamCast is suing Skype, as they claim to own the FastTrack P2P technology that powers Skype. This seems rooted more in the world of Kazaa and Morpheus than VoIP, but Skype is the company they're after, and that's why this is getting so much attention. As with a lot of things in life, when people want something, they follow the money.

Andy Abramson has posted the full 30+ page formal allegation and is probably the best source to follow directly, certainly until it becomes a mainstream story, likely later today. Andy wisely notes that eBay has not been named in this allegation, but by association, they can't be very happy about any of this.