Say it ain't so Niklas - Skype - Alleged RICO Violations???

Andy Abramson posted the scoop on this last night. I got his message via Skype just after he posted (the irony of being the messenger of your own - potential - bad news), but was too tired to do anything with it.

Since then, Jeff Pulver, Om Malik , Phil Wolff (Skype Journal)and Alec Saunders have put up posts, but they're not adding anything to Andy's which has all the detail that's probably available to this point. Mind you, by the time most of you read this, it will be front page news everywhere.

So, I'm being careful here, as these are just allegations, and no doubt there are lots of people out there who will use sensational tactics to go after such a big target as Skype. I certainly can't comment at all, and am only trying to bring the story to your attention, and I'm sure we'll all be following it very closely. Being a long time Skype supporter, I'd sure hate to see anything like this come to pass - it's just so not in the spirit of IP. Am keeping my fingers crossed that it's a lot of noise.