Iotum - The Demo Effect

I realize you've been hearing a lot from me lately about Iotum, but you have to like what's happening here. It's a bit like following up on American Idol winners - they don't have their record deal yet, but they sure are getting terrific buzz in places that didn't know them from anybody before Demo.

Andy Abramson has a nice post summarizing some of this buzz, namely Business 2.0, which is running its Next Net 25 in the current issue, for which Iotum made the cut.

In addition, Iotum got some coverage in the current issue of Fortune, and the Financial Times last week.

That's what I call moving up the food chain quickly. Hopefully, Iotum will remain on this upward trajectory for raising money and then coming to market with a successful launch. If this comes to pass - and I'm laying odds it will - then you'd have to agree with me that Iotum would be a great case study and a blueprint for up and coming nextgen/Web 2.0 startups to follow. That would be the stuff MBAs at Harvard and Stanford will be studying 5 years from now. It's the American Dream, Canadian style!