VoIP Media Coverage of Note

It's been a busy week following 3GSM, today's IMS Forum launch, and major players like Microsoft, Google and RIM being in the news. I get my share of calls from the press, and wanted to note two stories that ran today where I was cited.

First is Paul Taylor's piece in the Financial Times, where the title says it all: "Can there be any future for traditional telephony?"

The link may not provide full text access, but I'm glad to forward a Word version - just let me know! The focus is mainly on enterprise IP - no big revelations, but a nice validation of the dominant trends to bring home the message of IP's ascendancy to mainstream investors.

Second article ran in two markets - Datamonitor ComputerWire in the US, and Computer Business Review in the UK. This was a more news-based article about Microsoft's announcement to support mobililty on its Office Communicator.

It's ominous sounding news, but I don't see it giving Microsoft a lock on this market by any means. I think it just validates the importance of mobility for enterprise communications, and that there's a fundamental shift happening away from desk phones to the PC, and on top of that, a shift from the PC to mobile endpoints. Clearly, MS can't afford to risk a migration from the desktop, so it's easy to see why is a must for them to do.

Again, if the link doesn't give you the text, I can get you a soft copy.