V-V-V-Vonage IPO Announced - Film at 11

Their j-j-jingle sure is catchy. Probably the most anticipated IP news since the Skype acquistion, the word came out this afternoon. Couldn't help notice the juxtaposition of Vonage banner ads riding next to blog posts I've seen today about their going IPO and Jeff Citron stepping aside as CEO.

No surprises, really, but this sure is interesting timing in the wake of yesterday's Senate hearings on net neutrality, which included Jeff Citron.

This is the stuff journalists live for, and the wires are buzzing right now. I just spoke with Business Week, and their take should be posted by the morning. Got a few other media calls lined up now, and will revisit this story later when things quiet down.

Big hat tip to Andy Abramson, who called this story way ahead of the pack.

Also courtesy of Andy, Iotum's official product release - called Pronto - hit the wires this afternoon. It's great news, and I'll have a separate post about that later.