Spring Training - Red Sox Hiber-Nation Over

Yesterday marked the start of Spring Training, and the official beginning of anxiety and fragile promises for the Nation. I just wanted to note the occasion, and say that it will soon be time to wear this hat and share my occasional thoughts on our prospects in the Johnny-Go-Home era.

Here are some fun photos of Day 1, courtesy of Boston.com.

What every kid dreams of.... but those clouds in the sky - looks ominous. I'm worried ALREADY!

06 Sox.jpg

The Fab Four - with David Wells conspicuously absent - gosh, can these guys really carry us to the promised land? Ya gotta believe...

Sox pitchers.jpg

Another question mark. Geez, pitching coach Al Nipper is so thrilled to see Foulkie at camp, he applauds even when he's throwing a water bottle! Hands together now, let's all pray he's still got it....

K Foulke.jpg

Literally, and figuratively, Papi carries this team on his back, Manny included. In Ortiz we trust!


You don't think the fans are happy he's back???? Go Theo!


Nobody looks happier having Theo back than Tito! Gee, he looks a little too happy for my liking - but they do make a nice couple...

Theo and Tito.jpg