Great Minds Think Alike

I'm not so sure how great our minds are, but the title of this post just seemed to fit right.

Earlier today, Mark Evans posted about Vonage, and how it's just a matter of time until they slip in second place, and cede market leadership to Time Warner - probably for good. He also refers to a very good earlier post from Om Malik, and it's worth referencing here again for those who want some richer insights based on his deconstruction of their S-1 IPO filing.

Always on top of the latest news, Mark also noted Om's posting from today with a rather troubling Vonage update. Om reports that their Chief Marketing Officer, Dean Harris recently left, but no mention of this from Vonage themselves. That has to be a concern given how vital marketing is to Vonage's gameplan. One has to wonder if this signals a change in strategy, or more cynically, if Mr. Harris has seen the writing on the wall. No doubt the Vonage watchers will be following this one closely.

Aside from this last item being newsworthy, I just wanted to comment that Mark's posting has some nice parallels to a recent posting of mine about Vonage.

What would be really interesting is if this news affects the way people are voting on Mark's poll about whether people will buy into the Vonage IPO. However, the poll isn't on the blog now. Hey Mark! Did you take it down? Please put it back up - this should be interesting!

With all this Vonage stuff, I can't help but note how bizarre it is to see a bright orange Vonage ad on Mark's blog. The Internet and the blogosphere sure work in interesting ways. Am not sure if their ad being there is a good coincidence or a bad one. It's just there, and I'll leave it at that!

Oh, there's a Part 2 to this posting...

The other happy coincidence is about my posting yesterday on wireless competition in Canada. Well, Mark also posted about this topic yesterday, and I didn't see it until after I posted. I was pleasantly surprised, actually, since the story was filed by the Globe & Mail, the main competitor to Mark's paper, the National Post. Mark doesn't often comment on Globe stories, but this time he did. I'm happy to report we're on the same page here. Must be something in the water up here.

I'll quickly close out with a short plug for VON Canada, which takes place a month from now - April 3-5, here in Toronto. Soon I'll be posting a bit more about the show, but just thought I'd mention here that you can see Mark and I on the same panel at the show. Surprise, surprise, it's a blogger panel - what a nice tie-in with this post. Joining us will be Alec Saunders, Rob Hyndman, Mathew Ingram and Mr. VON himself, Jeff Pulver. It's going to be a fun, lively session, and I sure hope you come see us!