Fill 'er Up - and Gimmee 100 LD Minutes Pleez

Well, the Super Bowl is in full swing, but I got stuff to do. It's just about half time now - and the Stones do their thing - and so far,Seattle's the better team. I think the refs blew the call on Pittsburgh's TD, but it stands. Lots of time to go. We all know Mr. Pulver is at the game, but so far, no Jeff sightings on TV. Maybe he'll join Mick on stage - well, it could happen - better get back to work.. :-))

Anyhow, I just scanned today's email, and I just HAD to share Alec Saunders' post today. Great slice of Americana, and a sign of how mainstream VoIP and cheap LD is becoming.

Alec and his Iotum posse are in Phoenix, preparing for their Hollywood moment. They're on the slate at Demo, and are presenting next week. This is a major league opportunity for Iotum, and if it goes well - and I suspect it will - they'll be well on their way to realizing their vision. Another Canadian vendor making a difference in this market - I'm sure rooting for them, and will provide an update when I have some news.