Canadian Podcast Series - John Ruffolo on High Tech Investing

This week's Canadian IP Thought Leaders podcast was with John Ruffolo, of Deloitte management consultants. John leads the firm's Canadian Telecom/Media/Tech practice here in Toronto, and knows the investment landscape quite well. Today, we talked about the dynamics of the market here, particularly the differences between larger and smaller startups, as well as Canada/U.S. contrasts. Very interesting, especially for U.S. VCs looking at Canadian startups, or vice versa. The market is different here - not better or worse - just different! Sort of like a lot of other things in Canada.....

You can pick up the podcast link and John's profile here. John will also be speaking on the VC panel at VON Canada on April 5. Hope you can check it out - I won't miss it.

Quick sidebar - I finally met John at last week's Deloitte event, which featured RIM's Jim Balsillie - you can read about that here.