Canadian Podcast Series - Henry Dortmans on Enterprise IP

Happy February!

Apologies for not podcasting last week - was just too difficult being away at the TMC show.

This week's Canadian IP Thought Leaders pod was with Henry Dortmans. He's the President of Angus Dortmans Associates, one of Canada's top telco consultancies.

The other half of this firm is Ian Angus, another well regarded telco consultant. It's a small world - I was with Ian this morning at the BCE 2005 Review event here in Toronto. I'll be posting about that later today, along with a photo of Ian in a suit - something he doesn't wear very often. Stay tuned.

Henry has seen it all, and had some great insights about why and how Canadian enterprises are adopting IP, as well as what goes into their decision-making about it. We could have gone on and on - will have to have him back soon. Here's the link - posted now on the Pulvermedia Podcast Network. And if you really like these podcasts, there's a link there for you to subscribe or open iTunes.