Canadian IP Thought Leaders Podcast - Iotum Becomes a Demo God!

This week's podcast recounted Iotum's Oscar moment at Demo last week. As posted here and elsewhere, Iotum came away with the highest honor from the event - Demo God. That's a pretty lofty title, but that's what it's called, and it's cause for celebration for the Canadian tech community. It sure would be great to see this serve as a wake-up for more support up here for our tech startups, but for now, just listen and enjoy! Click here to get to the pod link and some background on the story.

Just a quick coda - during the pod, Howard Thaw mentioned a great sign of the times. While driving around Phoenix, they noticed a gas station sign showing not just the price of gas, but the price of prepaid long distance. Now that's what I call going mainstream. Here's Alec's post about it - great photo.