OCRI Radio - Keeping Ottawa on the IP Map

I recently posted about this intiative by OCRI, where they launched a podcast network and blog to support the thriving high tech sector in the Ottawa area.

I've been developing a relationship with OCRI, and soon we should have links to each other, and will explore ways to share content to amplify our efforts to support Canadian tech.

I just wanted to update you on how their initiatives are coming along. The website is looking good, and the content is starting to happen for both podcasts and blogs. OCRI had its best event ever last month, and it featured a presentation by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. That's one way to get attention, and you can check out the podcast here.

A quick scan of the comments posted there shows that fellow IP blogger Alec Saunders has been following their blogs. Alec's company, Iotum, is a classic example of the kind of leading edge ventures coming out of the region these days, and if this is your cup of tea, I suggest you bookmark OCRI now. And keep coming back here - you'll be seeing more about them on my blog as we put some of our ideas into motion.