Canadian IP Thought Leaders Podcast - Alec Saunders Recaps CES

This week's segment on PPN - the Pulvermedia Podcasting Network - got that? - was with colleague Alec Saunders, fresh back from CES and the Pulver Consumer VoIP Summit to tell us all about it. Alec should be familiar to readers of this blog, and if not, you can find out all about him on the PPN posting, which also has the podcast link - view it/hear it here. Alec also has a great blog, and if you're of the techhie persuasion, you'll really enjoy it. Go there.

By the way, Alec had an enjoyable posting the other day about something I think about a lot - the way technology impacts our behavior, and tends to make us, well... less human and more machine-like. Not really a stretch considering how dependent many of us are becoming on machines, automation, and of course computers and all that flows from there. Anyhow, aside from raising some real concerns in the post, Alec of course has a solution to the problem, namely the Relevance Engine, which is the focus of his company Iotum.