Andy's on a roll

There are bloggers, and there are bloggers. Andy Abramson's blog, VoIP Watch is must-read material, and I cite him regularly. He's definitely in the uber-blogger class, and Andy covers the tech landscape as broadly and deeply as anyone I follow.

If you follow his posts, you'll see several of his clients are experiencing success in a highly competitive market, no small thanks to Andy's guidance. It's not surprising to find him in demand everywhere, and he's not hard to find at all the major shows or in many of the leading media channels. And his broadcasts with KenRadio have been running for ages, so he's got the bases covered.

In this vein it was nice to see this news release yesterday about Andy being named as an Advisor to SightSpeed, a California-based company that enables free broadband-based video communications - video calls, video mail, and video answering, as well as voice calls. This sure looks like fun - it's not for me, but I think my kids would love it! Anyhow, it looks good on Andy, and it's nice for a change to draw attention to the good things people are doing to help IP other than what's on their blogs.