Skype/eBay Reality Check

Here's something else I missed while in New York yesterday. My own home paper, the Globe & Mail, carried a nice piece questioning the wisdom of eBay's acquisition of Skype.

I largely agree with the writer - Matthew Ingram - and his take of the situation. Actually, this was one of the major topics we discussed on the panel I was on yesterday at the NYSSA VoIP event in New York.

So, I missed this article for two reasons. First, I wasn't home, so I didn't see the Tuesday paper. Second, I didn't get back online again until late today, so I just came across this via Andy Abramson's posting. Thanks Andy - hat tip to you in warm, far-away California for picking up this good story here in my back yard. For more on Skype, Andy has some very good insights, and ties into Mark Evans's coverage as well.

How often does the Globe write about Skype? Hardly ever - except when I'm away. Go figure!