Loose Ends for the Week - Supercool Nokia N90, CDN Blog Awards, Next Stop - New York

Just some thumbnail notes to wrap up the week....

Nokia N90 - this is one supercool phone, and I'm lucky enough to have a demo model, courtesy of Andy Abramson. Just got it last night, and I hope to test it out on my short NYC trip next week. I'll pass on my thoughts here, but to get into the deep end of the N90 user experience, you have to get to the Nokia N90 blog site.

This is where the Andy connection comes in, as he has put this terrific site together for Nokia. Once I get up and running with my N90, I'll be posting to the N90 blog as well, and bringing back key learning from other N90 bloggers to this blog. I think it's a great concept to organically share learning about the N90. My roots are in market research, and this is a very appropriate methodology for monitoring individual user experiences as well as the collective learning for a product like this. Nothing contrived here, just real users talking shop to peers.

Canadian Blog Awards Well, like my Bruins, I failed to advance past the first round. Five entries in the Business category advanced to Round 2, and I'm happy to note that two of them are fellow bloggers Alec Saunders and Mark Evans. So, Alec, like your Senators, you made it to Round 2 - but I'll still take some comfort in the Bruins shutting out the Sens this week. Congrats to both, and I wish you the best of luck in Round 2. I'll be voting...

Next Stop - NYC The NYSSA is having its 3rd annual VoIP investor conference at the Harvard Club on Tuesday. I've been a speaker at all of their VoIP events, and I really look forward to it. They draw a great audience, and every year there's an interesting mix of up and coming IP companies looking to get on the radar of the Wall St. analyst community.

On Monday, I'm visiting the Pulver.com office on Long Island, and catching up on things with Jeff Pulver and team. As you may know, Pulver.com has recently rebranded the conference business as Pulvermedia, and the company is on an ambitious track to globalize the VON experience. If you haven't visited the website recently, you should go, and you'll see just how far ranging their reach is becoming. Now you know why Jeff is such a busy guy.