PhoneGnome - Phone Home....

I've posted a couple of times about the PhoneGnome from Televolution.

I'm not much of a gadget guy, but I got my PhoneGnome today, and am looking forward to using it. The concept is great - only problem is I need to find other PhoneGnomers out there to take advantage of free on-net calling. Andy and Alec - I think I'll be calling you soon!

Of course, you can also take advantage of very low LD rates for PSTN calls if you buy minutes from one of the plans offered by PhoneGnome. This is really neat, since you just dial LD numbers like you normally would, and the minutes go against your plan. If you're making a local call or calling another PhoneGnome user, PhoneGnome knows the difference, so you only use LD minutes when making off-net LD calls. Since there's no monthly commitment, you essentially get the main benefit of a VoIP subscriber service for a lot less money, plus you're still on PSTN - so you get the best of both worlds.

Of course, things get more interesting once you add SoftGnome into the mix, since that gives you portability. Now you can take the benefit of cheap off-net LD with you on the road - and have call display still show your POTS number at the other end.

So, two calls to action out there in blogosphere...

1. If you're a PhoneGnome user, I'd be happy to connect with you to test out the quality and help spread the word.

2. If you're not a PhoneGnome user, check it out - and tell 'em I sent ya.