Canadian Tech Podcasts Expanding

I was pleased to learn today that the Canadian podcast landscape is about to expand in an exciting way, at least for those following the tech sector.

Canadian institutions - especially public ones - are big on using acronyms, and tech is no exception. Today's acronym, folks, is OCRI - Ottawa Center for Research and Innovation.

OCRI is exactly what the name describes - a gathering point for those wanting to support the Ottawa tech community. Over 600 entities support OCRI, including the academic community, government, R&D labs, and the private sector.

Today, OCRI launched, dubbed as a "new, social media channel". Am not so sure how new this really is, but they're definitely jumping on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, utilizing web-based tools like podcasts and blogs to help build their community. I think this is a great initiative, and it's a cool example of the true spirit of IP - building communities - using tech to help the tech community. Works for me.

I see some nice parallels and complements to my Canadian IP Thought Leaders podcast series for VON Radio, and will be exploring common ground with OCRI tomorrow. Stay tuned, and perhaps I could soon be sharing links and feeds with them to bring you a broader picture of the Canadian market.