My Kind of Convergence - VoIP and the Red Sox

Great cover story in the current issue of VoIP Magazine. It's hard not to miss the cover - a close up shot of a Red Sox cap. Mary Shacklett does a nice job telling how the Red Sox as an organization recently deployed VoIP, shifting from TDM Centrex and mishmash of key systems to a hybrid IP PBX with Avaya. Now I know why there are so many Avaya ads at Fenway Park!

It really is a classic case study of updating an outdated system and linking together home office (Fenway Park) with the branch office (Fort Myers spring training facility). Not surprisingly, WiFi hotspots are coming to Fenway Park now, which is really great. The article only talks about this being for the press box, but I wonder if it's just a matter of time until they make the whole ballpark an open hotspot. That would be cool - the oldest ballpark in the majors having free WiFi.

Red Sox_VoIP.jpg

I should also note that Ronald Gruia has a nice article in this issue on IMS. Ron and I are colleagues from my days at Frost & Sullivan, where he has built up a strong practice and wide following for his coverage.