More Thoughts on Bell's Hiring of George Cope

This story got more headlines today, as the media is starting to recognize the impact of this move. Telus clearly loses a key executive who has been driving their most important growth business, and Bell gains top talent to make their mobile business more successful. It's hard to see this as being anything but a coup for Bell. We've only got 2 major carriers here, and moves like this put just a bit more distance between them. The onus really falls on Telus now to replace him, and it comes just after they've settled their strike. Nothing seems to be easy when you're #2 around here, does it?

A good colleague of mine here in Toronto, Ash Chopra, posted some keen insight on the situation to his blog yesterday. Ash has first hand experience working at both Bell and Telus, and adds more of an insider's view to what it all means. Ash posted a comment about this to my posting yesterday, but I wanted to make sure everyone gets to see it - it's a good read. Thanks Ash!