Iotum - What's That? - One to Watch

Ottawa-based Iotum has announced its first live deployment with Unlimitel, an IP-based provider serving Ontario and Quebec. Trials are set to commence shortly, with commercial availability coming in 2006.

Neither company is a household name, but Iotum has been doing their homework and carefully refining their platform, the Relevance Engine. Their exec team is attending the Internet Telephony show out in LA this week, and the show is a good spot to make this announcement.

Their CEO, Alec Saunders has a terrific blog, and his posts are a great way to keep up on what's happening at the show, among all other matters IP.

The buzz factor here is that Iotum is at the leading edge of bringing IP-based intelligence to voice communications, and their Relevance Engine platform is a harbinger of things to come as the nascent ideas like Voice 2.0, VoIP 2.0 and Web 2.0 begin to take shape. I have no doubt this will be the BIG trend in 2006, much like IMS has been the "it-product" of 2005.

Oh, and speaking of Alec, he's this week's guest on my Canadian IP Thought Leaders podcast series. We'll be doing our segment later today, and will post it to my blog as soon as it's available. Make a note to catch it if you want some first-hand insight about Voice 2.0 and why relevance is important for IP communications.